Topcony Cam Service Agreement

Welcome to Topcony Cam!

Before accepting this agreement, please carefully read all the contents of this agreement and fully understand the terms, especially the limitation or exemption clauses. The limitation or exemption clauses will be highlighted in bold or other eye-catching forms to remind you of their attention. If you have any questions about the terms of this agreement, please contact the relevant business department of Herman Electronics for further inquiries. Unless you have read and accepted all terms and conditions of this agreement and related agreements, rules, etc., you are not authorized to use this service. Once you choose to “agree to the agreement and submit” (specific wording can be found on the registration page) and complete the registration process, or if you use this service in any way, it is deemed that you have read and agreed to the constraints of the above agreement, rules, etc.

If you violate any of the provisions of this agreement, Herman Electronics has the right to unilaterally take measures such as limiting, suspending or terminating the provision of services to you at any time based on your violation, and has the right to hold you responsible.

This service agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) is jointly signed by you and Shenzhen Herman E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Herman Electronics”). Including but not limited to: Topcony Cam Privacy Policy and other content. If there are any changes, Herman Electronics will announce them through website publicity without further notice. The revised agreement and rules shall automatically become a part of this agreement upon publication, without the need for further notice or consent. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, please immediately discontinue the services of Herman Electronics; If you continue to use it, it will be deemed that you have no objections to the modified rules and agree to abide by them.



1、 Definition of Terms

1.1. Licensed Software: refers to a software system developed by Herman Electronics for you to download from the platform and install and use on a limited system mobile terminal.

1.2. Service: The services provided by Shenzhen Herman E-commerce Co., Ltd. You can use services on mobile terminals through licensed software.



2、 Services

2.1 Herman Electronics provides you with intelligent life equipment management services. You can connect to the intelligent terminal of Herman Electron cloud platform through the Arenti control, and realize the linkage between intelligent devices. The service content includes intelligent device management, scenario linkage, analysis reports, etc. These functional services may be optimized or modified based on changes in user needs or unilateral judgments of service providers, or may temporarily stop providing services due to regular or irregular maintenance.



3、 Service scope

3.1. Herman Electronics grants you the right to use this software.

3.2. You are not allowed to license, sell, lease, transfer, distribute, or use this product for any other commercial purpose.

3.3. Due to software adaptation platforms and terminal limitations, you may only use the licensed software on authorized system platforms and terminals. If you install the licensed software on other terminal devices, it may cause damage to your hardware or software functionality.

3.4. You should understand that the licensed software can only be used for non commercial purposes and cannot be installed, used, or operated for commercial operation purposes. If necessary, written authorization and permission from Herman Electronics must be obtained in advance.

3.5. Herman Electronics may make changes, upgrades, or transfers to the licensed software and its related functions from time to time, and may add new features or services to the licensed software system. If there is no independent agreement for the above new functions and services, you can still obtain authorization for the corresponding functions and services, and this agreement applies.

3.6. You are responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, and legality of the input data, as well as the legality of the way you obtained the data, and should regularly backup data, materials, etc. You bear all risks of damage or loss to such information.

3.7. You should properly keep your account and password. If you find that your account has security risks (including but not limited to user password leakage), you should promptly notify Herman Electronics, and Herman Electronics will assist you in taking relevant measures. Otherwise, you will be responsible for all actions under your account, and you will bear all responsibilities.



4、 Third party

4.1. You are aware that some of Xiaoherman Electronics’ services may be obtained based on software or services provided by a third party, which is set up for your convenience and is legally authorized by that third party.

4.2. This product contains some third-party information and services. Herman Electronics does not control and is not responsible for third-party information and services.

4.3. You understand that Herman Electronics cannot guarantee that the licensed software will permanently use or include such services, nor can it guarantee whether it will continue to use other software provided by the same third party in the future, nor may it use similar services from other third parties. Once the corresponding software or services mentioned above are enabled, this clause also applies.



5、 Usage Service Specification

5.1. You should standardize the use of licensed software, and the following methods are in violation of usage regulations:

1) Publish or share computer viruses, worms, malicious code, software that intentionally damages or alters computer systems or data;

2) Unauthorized collection of information or data from other users, such as email addresses;

3) Malicious use of this product in an automated manner, causing excessive burden on the server or otherwise interfering or damaging website servers and network links;

4) Attempting to access server data or communication data of this product without authorization;

5) Disturb or disrupt the use of other users of this product.

5.2. You understand and agree that:

1) Herman Electronics will determine whether you are suspected of violating the above usage regulations, and suspend or terminate your usage license or take other restrictive measures according to the determination results.

2) Herman Electronics will directly delete any information that is suspected of being illegal or infringing on the legitimate rights of others or violating this agreement when you use the licensed software.

3) If your violation of the above usage regulations causes damage to any third party, you need to independently bear legal responsibility in your own name and ensure that Herman Electronics is free from any losses or additional costs incurred as a result. Otherwise, Herman Electronics has the right to recover from you.

4) If you violate relevant laws or the provisions of this agreement and cause any losses to Herman Electronics, you shall compensate Herman Electronics for the losses and/or expenses incurred as a result.



6、 Information Content Specification

6.1. You promise not to use this service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following:

6.1.1. Upload, transmit, or share information containing one of the following:

1) Opposing the basic principles established by the Constitution;

2) Those who endanger national security, leak national secrets, subvert national power, and undermine national unity;

3) Harming national honor and interests;

4) Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, or undermining ethnic unity;

5) Disrupting national religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;

6) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and disrupting social stability;

7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime;

8) Insult or slander others, infringing on their legitimate rights;

9) Containing false, fraudulent, harmful, coercive, infringing on the privacy of others, harassing, infringing, defaming, vulgar, obscene, or other morally repugnant content;

10) Containing other content restricted or prohibited by applicable laws, regulations, rules, regulations, and any legally binding norms.



7、 Privacy Policy and Data

7.1. Protecting your personal information is crucial for Herman Electronics. Herman Electronics has formulated the Topcony Cam Privacy Policy, which provides important disclosures regarding the ownership and protection of intellectual property, as well as the collection, use, sharing, storage, and protection of your information. We suggest that you read the Topcony Cam Privacy Policy in its entirety.



8、 Disclaimer clause

8.1. Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, Herman Electronics will make every effort to ensure the security, effectiveness, accuracy, and reliability of the licensed software and the technology and information involved. However, limited by existing technology, Herman Electronics cannot guarantee this.

8.2. You understand that Herman Electronics cannot be held responsible for your direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure or third-party reasons.

8.3. Any personal injury or incidental or indirect damages caused by or related to any of the following circumstances shall be borne by you:

1) Unauthorized use of licensed software or changes to your data by third parties;

2) Expenses and losses arising from the use of licensed software;

3) Your misunderstanding of the licensed software;

4) Other losses related to the licensed software not caused by Hermann Electronics.

8.4. Any software derived from licensed software that is not developed and officially released by Herman Electronics or authorized by Herman Electronics is illegal. Downloading, installing, and using such software may result in unpredictable risks. The legal liability and disputes arising from this are not related to Herman Electronics, and Herman Electronics has the right to suspend or terminate the license and/or all other services.

8.5. You are aware that the use of Herman Electronic Platform involves internet services and may be affected by unstable factors in various aspects, although Herman Electronic has taken security measures, This service may still be suspended, interrupted, delayed, restricted or unusable due to inherent defects in the internet and electronic communication, as well as time beyond the reasonable control of either party to this agreement (including but not limited to fire, flood, terrorist attack, plague, natural disaster, riot, terminal virus, hacker attack, network malfunction, terminal malfunction). You hereby bear the above risks and agree that Herman Electronics shall not be liable to you in the event that the actual occurrence of the above risk event affects the normal operation of the service.



9、 Termination of Agreement and Liability for Breach of Contract

9.1. You should understand that using Herman Electronic Services requires using the licensed software within the authorized scope, respecting the intellectual property rights of the software and its contents, using the software in accordance with regulations, and fulfilling obligations as agreed in this agreement. If you seriously violate this agreement, Herman Electronics will terminate your usage license.

9.2. Your use of the software depends on the supporting services provided by Herman Electronics’ affiliated companies. If you violate the terms, agreements, rules, notices, and other relevant provisions with Herman Electronics and its affiliated companies, it may cause you to be unable to use the licensed software normally. Herman Electronics has the right to terminate the use license.

Take restrictive measures on your use license and other rights that Herman Electronics can control, including suspending or terminating your use license, as agreed in the agreement.

9.3. Once you violate the provisions of this agreement or other agreements signed with Herman Electronics, Herman Electronics may notify Herman Electronics’ affiliated companies and require them to take restrictive measures against your rights, including requiring the affiliated companies to suspend or terminate the provision of some or all services to you, and publicly disclose your breach of contract on the websites they operate or actually control in accordance with the law.

9.4. The licensed software is obtained by downloading from your own download platform. You are required to comply with the terms and limitations of the download platform, system platform, and terminal manufacturer regarding your use of the licensed software. If the aforementioned third party confirms that you violate this agreement and require Herman Electronics to handle it, Herman Electronics may terminate your use license due to third-party requirements.

9.5. Upon termination of this use license, you shall cease using the licensed software and destroy all copies.

9.6. If you violate the terms of this agreement and cause losses to Herman Electronics or other users, you must bear full compensation responsibility.



10、 Governing Law and Severability

10.1. The validity, interpretation, change, implementation and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the China. If there is no relevant law, the general international business practices and/or industry practices shall be referred to.

10.2. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement can be settled through friendly negotiation with Herman Electronics or submitted to the People’s Court of Binjiang District, Hangzhou, where this Agreement is signed for adjudication.

10.3. When any provision of this agreement is ruled invalid by a competent people’s court, it shall not affect the validity of other provisions or any part thereof. You and Herman Electronics shall still perform in good faith.

10.4. This agreement is signed in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.