Topcony 360° Human Detection Security Camera Outdoor, Intelligent Auto Track CCTV Camera Wireless WiFi PTZ Camera 1080P Color Night Vision,IP66,2-way Audio, Support Smartphone/PC


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  • 🐇【AI Humanoid Detection】Our Topcony CCTV camera can accurately identify human motion, quickly distinguish human motion from animals and other objects, and reduce false alarms caused by leaves, insects, rain and other objects. You can adjust the alarm sound, detection sensitivity. When a human movement is detected, a loud sound alarm will be issued to threaten the intruder to leave. ((❁´◡`❁) Our CCTV camera actually has human detection function. Pls ignore the description in the manual(❁´◡`❁)).
  • 🐕【360° Coverage & Auto-tracking】Topcony outdoor security camera supports automatic horizontal and vertical tracking. You can remotely control the rotation of the camera (355°Pan 90°Tilt), swipe the screen gently through the APP to locate the area you want to view, and view every corner in real time. In addition, you can preset 8 monitoring points in advance, convenient and quick monitoring to the location you set. Achieve 360 degree coverage, protect your home and family throughout the day.
  • 🐎【Two-way Audio & Multi-device Users Sharing】Our WIFI security camera have built-in noise-resistant microphones and speakers, you can instantly communicate with your family and friends. This outdoor wireless camera supports up to 16 users watching online at the same time, and you can share the view through the iPhone and Android apps. Equipped with enhanced 5dBi Antenna (2.4GHz WiFi), the WiFi connection is much more stable than other cameras, covering longer distances for you(Not support 5G)
  • 🐩【1080P FHD Color Night Vision】Built-in 8 infrared LED lights and 8 white LED lights, even in the dark night environment, our security camera outdoor can bring you as clear as the daytime vision. 3 night vision modes (full color mode, infrared mode, smart mode) for you to switch freely. ( In infrared mode, only sound alarm can be triggered; Sound and light alarm can be triggered in smart mode).
  • 🐕🦺【24/7 Recording & SD Card Storage】Intelligently track activity, take a snapshot and record a 15-second video of the alarm, then save it on a SD card, while sending alert notifications to your mobile or email. In addition to alarm recording, it can also save 24/7 continuous recording and save to a SD card (Up to 128G, not included). CCTV Camera compatible with/RTSP/FTP/NVR. Even if the Internet is disconnected, the continuous video recording will not be interrupted.

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Product Description

CCTV camera

360° All-around Human Detection Protection Outdoor CCTV Camera

cctv camera

1080P HD Resolution & 3 Kinds of Night Vision Modes Security Camera

  • Full Color Night Mode

Topcony security camera outdoor equips with 8 white LEDs, not only providing more vivid full-color recordings but also brightening the external surroundings for you at night, gives you 24/7 color images.

  • Infrared Night Mode

Topcony outdoor security camera equips with 8 infrared LEDs, providing you with a black and white view at night.

The white LEDs are switched off and the IR lights on, more discreet to reduce the interference of outside lights for you.

  • Intelligent Night Mode

When the external brightness is too low, the Topcony home security camera automatically switches to full color night vision(with other light outside) or infrared night vision(all dark environment), more convenient for you to adjust your night mode!

cctv camera

Three Trigger Alarms and APP/Email Notification

  • Equipped with automatic tracking, which can automatically track the horizontal movement, providing you with 360° all-round protection. (Support horizontal tracking and vertical tracking ).
  • O_O Light Alarm: When movement is detected, a spotlight is turned on to deter intruders. (In intelligent night vision mode, turn off sound alarm, only light alarm will be triggered)
  • O_O Audible Alarm: When movement is detected, the sound alarm is turned on to deter intruders. (In infrared mode, Only sound alarm will be triggered)
  • O_O Audible & Light Alarm: When movement is detected, spotlights and alarms are turned on to deter intruders. (In intelligent night vision mode, the light and sound will trigger alarm at the same time)

^_^ Our CCTV camera actually has a human detection function. Pls ignore the description( TY10 Camera doesn’t have this function) in the manual.

cctv camera

cctv camera

cctv camera

AI Humanoid Detection

When you turn on the function of AI alarm and frame the recognition objects setting, Topcony camera will accurately frame human motion, quickly distinguish them from animals and other objects, and reduce false alarms.

355°Pan 90°Tilt Adjustment

Through the PTZ function of the mobile app (CamHipro) or the computer software (HIP2P), you can manually move your camera in all directions, left, right, up, down, view different directions, and monitor any corner remotely.

Preset 8 Monitoring Points

Allows you to set up 8 detection positions in advance. You only need to enter the corresponding number you set, and the camera will automatically call to the position of the corresponding number.

cctv camera

SD Card Storage

Not only motion detection alarm recording, but also 24/7 plan recording, this Topcony CCTV camera outdoor saves pictures and video recordings for you on your SD card, you have no need to worry about missing any important moment.

Once the SD card is full, the outdoor CCTV camera will automatically overwrite the recordings in your SD card and save new recordings for you.

cctv camera

Easy to Install

1. Power Interface: We additionally provide a 3-meter power adapter, you can easily connect the camera to a power outlet. With this 3-meter long charger, you can connect it directly to any location without using an extension cord or adapter.

2. Ethernet Cable Interface: We provide an extra Ethernet cable, you can easily connect the camera to the router, then switch to WiFi connection.

3. Reset Button: Press the button for about 5-10 seconds to reset the camera.

cctv camera

Two Ways to Connect

“Wired Connection”: Connect the camera into the router via a Ethernet cable and then plug the power supply adapter in.

“Wireless Connection”: After you connect the camera to the route successfully, Enter “Wireless setting” – “Get the wireless network around the device” to choose the Wi-Fi you want to connect. After you enter your Wi-Fi password, it will say “Wireless setup successfully”.

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Package Included

  • 1 x PTZ CCTV Camera;
  • 1 x DC 12 Power Charger(3 meters long);
  • 1 x LAN Cable; 4 x Screws; 4 x Caps;
  • 1 × Network Cable Waterproof Case;
  • 1 x User Manual; 1 x Screwdriver

cctv camera

cctv camera

cctv camera

cctv camera

cctv camera

cctv camera

cctv camera

Multi-device Users Sharing

Topcony outdoor security camera is compatible with RTSP/FTP/NVR. Through the sharing of the main device, you can use different devices with your friends or family, such as mobile phones, ipads and PC, to view the monitoring at the same time.

3 Meters Power Cable

Equipped with a 3-meters power cable, you can easily install your camera in the desired location. Different from others’ 1M power cable, our outdoor security camera brings you a more convenient and fast installation experience.

IP66 Weatherproof

With IP66 waterproof to resist rough weather, Indoor or outdoor, home or office, street or market, you can choose anywhere you want to install to improve the security. You no longer have to worry about sun, rain and snow affecting the life of your camera.

Model Number TY10WH TY10BK ZS-GX6S TY50 TY55
Smart Detection Human Detection Human Detection PIR Human Detection Human Detection Human Detection
Auto Tracking X
Image Resolution 1080P+Color Night Vision 1080P+Color Night Vision 2K FHD+Color Night Vision 5MP+Color Night Vision 5MP+Color Night Vision
Power Supply Plug-in 3M Cable DC 12V Plug-in 3M Cable DC 12V Solar Powered & Battery Powered Plug-in 3M Cable DC 12V Plug-in 1.5M Cable DC 12V
PTZ Adjustment 355° Pan 90° Tilt 355° Pan 90° Tilt 355° Pan 120° Tilt 355° Pan 90° Tilt 355° Pan 110° Tilt
Two-Way Audio
App CamHipro/CamHi/HIP2P Client CamHipro/CamHi/HIP2P Client CloudEdge CamHipro/CamHi/HIP2P Client CamHipro/CamHi/HIP2P Client
Support Device Phone/Computer/iPad Phone/Computer/iPad Phone Phone/Computer/iPad Phone/Computer/iPad
Data Storage SD Card SD Card SD Card/Cloud Storage SD Card/Cloud Storage SD Card